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12 Divine sights of Seville

  Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is a unique, colorful, city on the banks of the Guadalquivir River with over 2000 years long history. It’s

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Tiplr Magazine

While travel tips are the building blocks of Tiplr, the Tiplr travel blog provides longer travel articles covering popular travel topics and providing helpful travel information for smart travelers who want to travel off the beaten path and have authentic experiences traveling. The blog features a variety of perspectives including female travelers, people of color, budget travelers, and those well versed in accessible travel. Travel blog articles explore trip planning, tips on smart destinations you don’t have on your bucket list, how to experience a city like a local, and the best itineraries. New York travel blog articles give travel tips throughout the city’s five boroughs and Italy travel blog articles explore all different regions, from Florence to Sicily.

The Community of Smart Travelers

Fiona Bradley

Fiona Bradley

New York, USA

André Fernandez

André Fernandez

Florianópolis, Brazil

Haylee Baldwin

Haylee Baldwin

North Carolina, USA

Stefania Gioia

Stefania Gioia

Venice, Italy

Raul Hernandez

Raul Hernandez

Santo Domingo, DR

Tiplr’s community of smart travelers is a diverse group of travelers from all over the world. This is a trusted group sharing only the best, most authentic, helpful travel tips and travel information. These explorers are passionate travelers like yourselves. The community also includes travel bloggers, writers and local experts who want to share their expertise with other like minded travelers. No more relying on anonymous, faceless, reviews from other travel sites. The community of smart travelers is real and ready to help you travel smart. We are active on several specific Facebook groups. Join us now!

Smart Destinations

Deciding where to plan your next trip or take a vacation can be overwhelming. Discover new and exciting smart destinations on Tiplr. Once you find a destination you love, find travel tips on attractions, tours, food, sights and things to do. From places close to home like Brooklyn, New York, to far flung, exotic destinations like Lombok in Indonesia or Pinar del Rio in Cuba, there’s a wealth of locations to choose from. Let Tiplr be your guide and stoke your wanderlust. Smart destinations we recommend are cities like Barcelona, Toronto, and Mexico City and places off the beaten path like Namibia, Northern Ireland, Sifnos, Chang Mai and the Northern Territory of Australia.

Travel Experiences

By using travel tips from the Tiplr community of smart travelers, you’ll have the best travel experiences. Travel experiences are influenced by many factors, including how you travel, where you go, and who you travel with. Some of the best travel experiences in the world are once in a lifetime adventures like backpacking through Southeast Asia, or road tripping through New Zealand. Others are ongoing, like hiking in all of the national parks in the United States, or traveling solo in a new country. Traveling on a budget, traveling with kids or family, or traveling with disabilities are unique travel experiences in and of themselves.

Tiplr is fueled by top Travel Insiders

Travel tips on Tiplr are grouped by category and world regions and locations. In Europe, there are numerous Italy travel tips featuring destinations like Cinque Terre. The Caribbean is comprised of 28 countries including Cuba, which has hot spots like Havana and Viñales. One of the most popular and diverse countries in North America is the United States. Travelers can find travel recommendations on major cities and unique neighborhoods, like Brooklyn, New York. The region of Africa has many off the beaten path destinations, including Namibia which is an amazing wildlife destination. The eight travel tip categories are eat, sleep, activities, sights & places, outdoors, transport, culture and essentials. These help guide travelers to find places to stay, things to do, outdoor activities, restaurants, and sights to add to your itinerary. Travelers can also find practical travel information on getting to a place, a lesser known destination, or travel documentation requirements.