Work & Travel with Tiplr

Apply for a position at Tiplr and get paid to travel

Tiplr values the work of their employees and partners who are passionate about making travel information more accessible and easier to discover on one single platform. Tiplr offers opportunities to work alongside a community of like-minded individuals and travel the world to expand the Tiplr audience.

Work with Tiplr

The Tiplr team consists of individuals of all different backgrounds with diverse skill sets, but each has an intense passion for travel. Tiplr is constantly looking for those who can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the travel team as the business expands and it’s audience grows. Whether you’re a travel writer, a digital marketer, or are interested in making your way into the travel industry, Tiplr would love to hear from you. Employees work both in-office and remotely, so it doesn’t matter if you live on the other side of the world, as long as you’ve got a good Wi-Fi connection. Tiplr is currently based in New York City and is in the process of building international hubs in other countries.

Travel with Tiplr

Tiplr employees and affiliates first and foremost love to explore the world. Are you an experienced traveler looking for sponsorship for your next adventure? If getting paid to travel sounds like something you would be interested in, consider partnering with Tiplr to create content and tips during your travels. Work remotely and get paid to write about your discoveries and spread the word about Tiplr on social media and other platforms. Help the Tiplr community expand to all corners of the world, whether that’s a beach in Thailand or in the mountains of Peru.