The Best Travel Tips

The internet is completely and totally saturated with travel information. This information comes in the form of travel blogs, reviews, travel guides and professional writing. Travel magazines like AFAR and Travel + Leisure and traditional printed guide books like Lonely Planet has historically been the go-to authorities in the travel industry. While much of this information is accurate and helpful for travelers, travel tips themselves sometimes get lost in a lengthy article or a comprehensive guide. On Tiplr, travel tips are building blocks, the pieces you need to gather to create a strong foundation to plan the adventure of your dreams.


What’s the point of traveling if you’re not going to do anything while you’re there? Even if you’re doing a little bit of nothing, we want to make sure you’re at least doing the best of nothing; like on a beautiful beach or in a hammock in the rainforest...

Sights & Places

One of the main reasons why we travel is certainly the sights: described by a traveler friend, printed on a geography book, displayed on our favorite travel website, they inspire our wanderlust and often become the purpose of our trip...


Travel tips can fall into many different categories. For food lovers, eat is a very important one. Tips about what and where to eat are essential for anyone who wants to experience local culture. Aside from restaurants to add to your itinerary, these travel suggestions may help you find lesser known, local street food or regional delicacies you may not have heard of before.

For many, finding a comfortable, safe place to stay is a requirement. Depending on where you travel to, there can be a huge array of options for accommodations. Travel tips on sleep may include hotels, bed & breakfasts, homestayshostels, couchsurfing, and more.
Obviously most smart travelers want to see and do as much as they can, but how to decide which sights to see? Travel tips on sights and things to do from other trusted travelers and local experts will give you the insight you need. Search Tiplr for tips on temples in Myanmar, city museums to visit or magical castles in Albania to explore. In the same vein, time spent outdoors is valued by many smart travelers. Find travel tips on special hikes, secret snorkel spots, or beautiful beaches.
Some travel tips aren’t as flashy or exciting as others. These include essential information like how to obtain a visa, book a cheap flight or navigate a foreign city. Transportation tips can help you ride the subway in New York City, or find a carshare in Europe.