Tiplr Travel Network

Tiplr is the newest travel platform that brings together travelers, bloggers, content creators, and local experts alike. Tiplr has built the space for a community of travelers to grow on their app and on the web, making it easy for users to discover and exchange travel information from anywhere in the world.


Since 2016 Tiplr has been revolutionizing the way travel information is shared and exchanged. By combining an in-app travel tip Suitcase feature and user generated content with that of professional publishers, Tiplr has developed a platform that reorganizes the information that all travelers are searching for in one place.

Offline Destinations

Be it a full on digital detox, an off-grid adventure, a screen-free nature fix, or just some blissfully unplugged time off, Offline Destinations gathers the world’s leading destinations, hotels, retreats, restaurants, and experiences that are known for their detoxifying qualities. Escape the busyness of everyday life and immerse yourself in a technology-free getaway.

Travel Tips Groups

Tiplr users are smart travelers. They seek adventure off the beaten path, using the Tiplr platform to discover the best travel information and share their own findings. Join the Travel Tips group on Facebook to become part of the community, as well as the many other Tiplr-sponsored groups for travel tips relevant to specific destinations like New York City and Paris.