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On my travels to Borneo in Malaysia, I met some families from a small village in the mountains called Kampung Lobong-Lobong. With Mount Kinabalu in

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Hotel Booking

When it comes to booking accommodation, travelers have a variety of options. Recommendations from the Tiplr community can help you decide which type of accommodation is best for you and your budget. Some travelers choose to reserve a bed at a hostel rather than a room at a hotel to save money. Maybe you want to spend a week at a private Airbnb in the French countryside. Or book a room at a motel while road tripping across the USA. There’s even the option of ditching the bed and finding a campsite instead. No matter where you choose to spend the night, Tiplr knows how important it is to find the perfect spot where you feel comfortable and satisfied.

Hotels are for travelers who love to come back to a clean space with their favorite facilities after a day out, like this hotel in Yorkshire, England that boasts charm and character as soon as you enter. Reservations for hotels can be made through Expedia where you can easily browse accommodations by city. Filter your search depending on length of stay, facilities, rating, and more. If you’d rather stay somewhere a bit less expensive, a hostel is a great option to consider. The difference between hotels and hostels is that most of the rooms and facilities in hostels are shared with the other guests. Travelers can choose to stay in co-ed or all-female rooms at a hostel. Some offer private rooms, though these are usually around the same price as hotels. If you are a solo traveler looking to make friends and meet people from around the world, hostels are your best option. Most offer community meals and organized trips, like this one in Lisbon, Portugal where you can sign up for beach trips and surfing lessons.

Want to go a more private route? Airbnb allows you to rent a private room in a house or an entire place all to yourself. A group of friends backpacking across Europe, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a solo traveler looking for seclusion after weeks of staying in hostels will love staying at an Airbnb. If you want to stay somewhere that feels like a home away from home, book an Airbnb in your next travel destination. You’re guaranteed to find something great within your price range. We recommend this spot with a balcony in Taipei, Taiwan.

Travelers have endless options to choose from when it comes to choosing where to stay. Browse through Tiplr’s Smart Traveler’s recommendations and find a spot you’ll love at your next travel destination.