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Tiplr was born as a way to reimagine travel, specifically travel planning. While on the road, it’s easy to exchange travel tips with other travelers that you meet along the way, and these organic exchanges often lead to the greatest experiences. So, we thought, why not create a platform where these travel gems can be shared for all to discover? Tiplr is a community platform for travelers who are passionate about venturing outside of their comfort zone to see the world and are eager to share their best travel tips with others. Using Tiplr, you can browse through hundreds and thousands of tips specific to the country, city or town you’re visiting and compile your favorites into personal travel guides and itineraries. If you went on an unforgettable hike in Bali, or slept in the comfiest bed in an Airbnb in Paris, our community of travelers wants to hear about it.

A Smart Traveler is anyone that enjoys jumping out of their comfort zone into the unknown. They love to explore new and exciting places and discover the hidden gems of the world. They share their travel knowledge with other travelers so that everyone can have amazing adventures. A Smart Traveler is respectful of the culture and people of the countries they visit and loves to learn about the world as they explore it. Smart Travelers use Tiplr as a platform to share their most memorable travel experiences with a greater community.
Smart Destinations are places around the world that the Tiplr community LOVES. A Smart Destination could be a big city where there’s something for every type of traveler to enjoy, or somewhere off the beaten path that’s not first on every travelers mind but shouldn’t be missed. No matter the Smart Destination, Tiplr has everything you need to know about it.

To create a travel tip, you’ll first need to create your own free Tiplr account. Simply click ‘Join Tiplr’ on our website on the top right of your screen (or download the Tiplr app). Choose how you’d like to connect to Tiplr and bam! You’re all set to start creating awesome travel tips that will help others successfully explore the world.

Now you’ve got a couple steps to complete in order to post your tip. First, click ‘create’ on the Tiplr website or app. You’ll need a title and then the tip itself. Are you writing about a tiny restaurant in Barcelona where you ate the tastiest patatas bravas ever and are just dying to tell the world about it? Maybe include the restaurant’s website, if there is one, or the address if it’s tough to find. You went on a hike in Costa Rica that ended at the most beautiful waterfall you’ve ever seen, but the trailhead can only be reached by texting this one tour guide on Whatsapp who will show you the way? That’s important info!

Next, pick the category your tip belongs in. You can choose from Sights & Places (cities to visit, neighborhoods to wander, hidden side streets to explore), Culture (historical monuments, temples, sights travelers shouldn’t miss), Activities (activities and fun things to do), Outdoors (great hiking spots, hidden lagoons, the best beaches), Eat (your patatas bravas tip would go here), Essentials (visa tips, packing essentials, what to bring on your first trip to Antarctica), Transport (trains, cars, planes, and everything in between), and Sleep (where you’ll tell us about the Airbnb you stayed at in Paris with the bed that felt like you were sleeping on a cloud).

Once you’ve finished that, you’ll need to choose a location for your tip. This can be anything like the name of a restaurant or bar or a city. If your tip has no specific location, choose ‘global’.

Last but not least, choose a photo that you’ll want to be displayed along with your tip. We recommend a good quality, horizontal photo to ensure it looks great on all platforms.

After that’s all been squared away, you’re ready to post your tip! All of your tips will be saved to your account page where others can see all of the recommendations you’ve published. Look at that, you smart traveler, you!

To create travel guides for your upcoming adventures, download the Tiplr app, which can be found in the Apple Store. Once you’ve logged into your account, find tips you love using the explore feature and save your favorites by clicking the suitcase icon that can be found at the bottom of each tip. You can then visit the suitcase section of the app where you’ll find all of your saved tips. Click ‘New Guide’ in the top left corner and add whichever tips pertain to that specific trip. After you’ve done this, customize your guide by organizing your tips into ‘Chapters’. You can create as many guides as you want for the endless adventures you have planned.

Tiplr Magazine is curated by the Tiplr editorial team and includes articles written by members of our Smart Travelers community and tips that our team has contributed. It’s the place to go to find content straight from Tiplr written specially for you. Blog articles are written by travelers who’ve decided a tip isn’t enough for what they have to share. Some have extensive knowledge of a specific city or country, others want to share tips for traveling solo. No matter the subject, if it’s in Tiplr Magazine, you know it’s great, authentic content from someone who is excited to write about it.

The easiest way to contribute to Tiplr is to create your own account and start writing tips. If you want to contribute more, consider writing an article for Tiplr Magazine. Email hello@tiplr.com letting us know what you’d like to write about and include a sample writing piece. Whether you’re an established travel writer or just someone who loves writing but has never been published, we’d love to hear from you.