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Europe is a relatively small continent but it contains 90% of the world historical and artistic heritage and some of the most spectacular landscapes. Europe it spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Urals and from North Pole to the Mediterranean and is home of dozens different cultures. Tiplr split Europe in four regions:
Southern Europe, widely referred to as the Mediterranean, is located in the Southern half of the European landmass. Given its rich history, the area can more appropriately be defined by its cultural, economic and political features, rather than simply by its geographical borders. From the major countries of Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece, to the small islands dotting the Mediterranean Sea, smart travelers can rely on uncountable travel tips about this stunning area. While a massive number of European tourists visit the region mainly because of its marvelous beach destinations, many travelers from all over the world choose it for the antiquities and cultural experiences. A smart traveler knows that the best seasons to visit the area are probably spring and fall, as the climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and relatively warm, wet winters. And it is not surprising that the cradle of civilization is rooted in this region, also called “the land of the sun”, where the severe temperature is mitigated by nearby large bodies of water that make the weather enjoyable throughout the year. The languages are spoken all over the region, very different in some cases, are called Romance languages, which all descend directly from Latin. These tongues have spread since ancient times from the Italian peninsula. English is considered the business language, although, as a travel tip, you should know it might be barely spoken in some areas, especially outside of the big cities. Because of its mild weather and the convergence of different historical factors, the Mediterranean region was home to the Minoan, Mycenaean, classical Greek, Etruscan, Roman, and Byzantine cultures, upon which much of Western civilization is based. Today it still boasts most of the ancient architectural masterpieces of the world, such as the city of Toledo, in Spain, or Gjirokaster’s Castle in Albania, not to mention the famous Acropolis in Athens or the Colosseum in Rome, visited by millions of travelers every year. Given its history and the diversity of its countries, there is a myriad of diverse and exciting travel recommendations throughout Southern Europe. In case you’re into Renaissance art, Florence is the best destination. If you are passionate about modern and contemporary art there are plenty of different museums to visit. If big cities are on your bucket list, then you will enjoy a trip to Barcelona, Rome or Athens. But for a more off the beaten path itinerary, you may choose a country of the Balcanic peninsula, such as Slovenia or Serbia. The Mediterranean region’s islands and its undulating coastlines are still home to the greatest natural wonders in the world. Think about Malta’s archipelago of small Greek islands such as Folegandros. Travel to windy and magical Crete or escape the crowds on a  less touristy beach like Tenerife. Immerse yourself in the esoteric atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon or follow our travel tips to visit the charming coasts of Algarve, Portugal. Wherever you are headed, scenic marine landscapes and picturesque ports will surprise and delight you. In case you are planning to cover more than one state, then it’s essential to follow a few key travel recommendations. When destination hopping, avoid booking round trip airfare. Once you’re in Southern Europe, take advantage of low-cost companies’ flights. Lately, there are more and more companies and deals popping up! Also, take into consideration night time transfers to save time and money. Because of its ocean centric location, boat travel is also a good option, especially between Greek islands. Make sure to sail on time with a reliable schedule. If you enjoy traveling by car, rideshare with Bla Bla Car will help you save money. Are you a slow travel supporter? Some itineraries in Europe are still doable on foot, such as stretches of the Via Francigena. Plan carefully your itinerary, being sure that crucial sights, parks like the fantastic Tarot Garden in Capalbio, Italy, museums such as the Vatican (to be exact, a small state which is also a living museum!), and monuments are open the days you’d like to visit them. Note when you are visiting and experience seasonal markets, festivals, and events, such as Christmas in Naples. Be curious, explore the countryside and small towns such as Sorano, in Tuscany, Nazare’ in Portugal or Nafplio, Greece. Many of the most amazing European gems are nestled between hills and mountains, or around the less popular seashores. Western Europe may seem like an obvious travel destination. Paris, Berlin, Monaco or Vienna have been historic, bucket list destinations throughout the years for both expert and amateur travelers, and are still some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Nevertheless, the true nature of the region emerges in the numerous spots found off the beaten path, through Medieval churches, spectacular castles, and historical monuments. While these nations are the custodians of a troubled, yet brilliant past, they boast a vibrant modern culture with advanced architecture and new and evergreen forms of art. Tiplr explorers have several travel tips that can help you visit this area, avoid the mainstream itineraries and focus on alternative, yet significant experiences. Traveling through France, for instance, you may want to pay a visit to the monastery of Saint Michel, known for the tides that change its appearance and for being part of the mysterious ley line Via Sancti Michaelis. Strolling through the German capital, one of our explorers suggests a particular approach to the Berlin wall, along with a stop in a hidden bar and a man-made beach on the river bank. Despite being close to each other, Belgium and Netherland’s capitals are extremely different. One is a busy bureaucratic center and the other is one of the main backpacking destinations in Europe. In Belgium, you can visit the splendid Antwerp Central Station, revered by many to be the most beautiful in Europe. Amsterdam’s eternal rival, Rotterdam, is currently one of the most interesting destinations, boasting an amazing skyline and interesting museums. A Tiplr travel tip suggests enjoying the sunrise from a bench on top of a hill in Grimentz, Switzerland, close to the Italian border, while some other explorers have been to Vaduz Castle, in Liechtenstein, which is still inhabited by a real prince, like in a fairytale! The enormous variety of traditions, languages, and dialects is something impressive in Western Europe, especially around the country borders, where you can notice how different cultures have been mixing and influencing one another. As a travel recommendation, take time to stroll in the squares and observe people around you, walk along one of the many street food markets, and learn to recognize the food and culture which is rich and variegated. And enjoy the several aspects of this multifaceted region. Eastern Europe is comprised of a group of countries identified by geographical and political parameters that not always converge. One reason being a long and troubled history of war and hard-line Communist regimes that have left their mark. Influenced by Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, this area has always been heavily bonded to the ancient Western powers, as well as to Russia on the Eastern side and Turkey to the south. Once neglected by the tourism industry, today Eastern European countries, because of these various influences, are considered a fascinating place to travel and often preferred to the overcrowded and tourist-laden neighboring nations. If you are a smart traveler looking for alternative destinations, which also happen to be more cost-effective, this extensive area not only boasts wonderful coastlines, picturesque mountains, charming villages, and interesting architecture but is also home to cities with an exciting art scene and a vivacious nightlife. The transportation and hospitality industries have been greatly developed in the last few years. As a matter of fact, 2017 was named the “Year of Eastern Europe”. If you are planning to visit more than one Eastern country, travel smart by train. Non-European travelers may want to choose Eurail, while Europeans can find really good deals with Interrail. Renting a car is also a good solution to explore places that you can’t reach by public transportations. Check ahead of time to see if the country you’re visiting requires an international driving license. If you opt to fly, there are many local low-cost companies offering cheap flights between capitals. Croatia, with amazing coastlines to enjoy, especially by boat, Bulgaria, with world heritage sites and amazing nature, and Poland, which is heavily marked by significant events in history are the most booked destinations, but our Tiplr explorers seem to have several travel recommendations for this area of the world. Budapest, for example, with its thermal bathshistorical attractions and breathtaking views, is one city to consider. According to one explorer, the bar scene in Sofia is really interesting, while other reports about a jazz band performing on a romantic bridge in beautiful Prague. Tiplr travel recommendations depict a region packed with all the allure of the UK, France or Italy, offering culture and amusement just as much as the well-known, grand Western European destinations. Geographically Northern Europe extends from the Northern European Plain to the Arctic Circle.  It includes the U.K. and 16 other countries. Because of the challenging climatic conditions, the countries comprised in this area have relatively small populations, though still enjoy considerable prosperity and some of the world’s highest incomes. It boasts some of the most beautiful, diverse and illustrious urban centers of all of Europe. Fjords, royal castles, cool cities, and Arctic exploits are some of the attractions you can expect if you decide to take a journey beyond the 50th parallel north. Historically, many of the Northern Europe countries have been involved in trade through the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. Therefore major cities developed around their ports and busy waterways. It’s no wonder that one of the best ways to explore the area is through a cruise, which offers a great opportunity to experience different cultures and breathtaking sights. Needless to say, the best travel tips suggest visiting the region in the summer, when the temperature is relatively warm and, especially in the very north, the sun shines all night. Most explorers, unfortunately, don’t have unlimited resources and an extensive amount of time to visit the area so, our first travel recommendation is to focus on a few countries at a time. If you’re excited to spend a few days in cosmopolitan London, then pair a trip to the U.K. with Dublin and the iconic slopes of Ireland. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are so close to each other that it makes sense to visit them in one trip. In case you are interested only in the capitals, you could plan a trip to London, Oslo, and Stockholm. If you are into nature, there are plenty of interesting sites all around Finland and Norway. Tiplr explorers have collected smart travel suggestions that can help you define your trip. Explore Ireland’s ruins if you are looking for an authentic, historical experience, but head to Dublin if you want to step into a speakeasy that will bring you right back to the prohibition era for a night. Aiming for remote, stunning landscapes? Go to the Faroe Islands archipelago, heaven for bird-watching enthusiasts. Are you an Icelandic hot springs hunter? Find your perfect spot in the Reykjadalur valley. Estonia, which is also part of Northern Europe, boasts a medieval beauty in Tallin, the capital famous for its diversified economy and smart information technology. If you happen to be in Vilnius, Lithuania, don’t miss a dinner at Bistro 18, one of the best restaurants over there. Finally, if you are longing for a romantic escape, don’t hesitate to book a Finnish igloo from which you’ll be able to watch the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. It is one of the most spectacular phenomena on Earth.

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