The Mexican Road Less Traveled: Isla Mujeres

I had envisioned paradise as a beach of silky white sand and crystal turquoise waters. Days there are spent relaxing in the sunshine, sipping on frozen drinks, and enjoying plates of fresh seafood. After seeing photos, I imagined I would find this paradise when I traveled to Cancun, but I ended up discovering it just […]

Travel Insurance: Everything you Need to Know

Peace of Mind – Traveling the World with Travel Insurance As smart travelers, we know that things can go wrong at any time during our trip. Flights can be canceled, accidents can occur, theft and stolen equipment, etc. The thought of all of this can put a dark cloud over the days when you’re supposed […]

How to Create Inspiring Travel Content: Anatomy of the Best Travel Tip

You’ve traveled all over and you have unique tips that others can benefit from. We believe that the Tiplr platform is the best way to inspire your fellow travelers and help them find new destinations off the beaten path, while also promoting your own personal blog and content. Tiplr runs on tips. A travel tip is […]